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Product Range
Over 35 years of experience in supplying quality equipment to suit all budgets, we are confident in providing the correct devices for your requirements.

Entry Level Computerised Clocking Systems

We can provide Mail Order plug & play systems straight from the box for any customers wishing to go it “Alone”. However, support is always on hand to assist you should you require any additional assistance throughout the setup stages or months ahead. We offer a mixture of clocking in and out devices from biometric face, finger, palm or hand to the non contact smart card type solution using a keyfob or credit card.

Clocking In Machines

We stock an extensive range of discounted clocking in machines & self calculating Time Clocks for companies who prefer the more traditional solution for time keeping. Call us if you do not see the model you are looking for.

Time & Date Stamps & Numbering Machines

Our range comprises of desk, wall mount or portable time & date stamps for all types of time & date document

Need to intergrate to a particular payroll system?

Don't worry! We got you covered! Some of the most popular payroll links have already had integrations designed for them. If you utilize a unique payroll software, we can easily cater for that too.


Many More

Are you looking for a reliable time & attendance system to cater between 5 & 10,000 employees?

Then look no further, we are a family-run business established in 1984 and a market leader in providing reliable solutions for all sized companies. Our range comprises of computerized to traditional systems. We appreciate how daunting changing or installing new systems can be, which is why we offer free nonobligatory time & attendance advice, and 100% hand-holding experience from the offset. With over 250 years of current support knowledge within the team to rely upon, you can rest easy knowing that we strive to give all our customers excellent support and service, which is key to our success. Sit back and relax whilst we try to take you on a pain-free journey into time!

We cover a lot of areas around the UK, mainly of which are London, Birmingham, Manchester, Newcastle, Liverpool, Sunderland, Bristol, Reading, Cardiff, Swindon, Maidstone, Leeds, Sheffield, Edinburgh, Glasgow, UK, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, plus many more…