ZSBTLAT8033 Touchless Entrance Control Solution with Fever Detection

  • Fever detection & Palm recognition
  • Identification of people with masks
  • Palm recognition
  • Fast and accurate visible light facial recognition with wide angle tolerance for masked individuals
  • 0.3s high speed facial recognition
  • Servomotor – faster opening speed
  • 10 pairs of infrared sensors for stronger tailgate detection
  • Bi-directional operation control
  • LED passage indicator in both directions


ZSBTLAT8033: High-performance swing barrier for Entrance Control with Body Temperature Measurement

Safely screen employees or visitors wearing masks for high temperatures as they walk into buildings or defined areas with ZSBTLAT8033, an indoor speed gate series for convenient contactless access control compatible with ZPro ATFace X [TD] and ZSpeedFace ATFV5L [TD] which features a modular reader panel design. An ideal solution for office building access control, visitor management & retail.

As the number of cases has been increasing and the geographical spread has been widening, the novel coronavirus outbreak has raised grave concerns about public health and personal hygiene.

It is proven that most germs are spread with our hands, so a touchless entrance control solution effectively reduces the risk of the spread of infection in your premises and public areas.


Safely Screen Employees & Visitors

Bi-directional Operation

Palm Recognition



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Upgrade Options

Upgrade to a PC Linked Employee Time Management System

Did you know?

A PC Linked Time & Attendance Systems start from as little as £595.00 + VAT. Why not talk to one of our sales representatives today on 020 8882 4522 to arrange a demonstration.

Alternatively, you can check out the ActIn Time section for more information.


The ZSBTLAT8033 utilises a high performing camera to be able to safely read palms at a distance effectively, without the need for getting to close to or touching the unit itself. Just present your palm in front of the camera and you're ready to go.

To get the most of out of this unit, it is best utilised with the with ZPro ATFace X [TD] and ZSpeedFace ATFV5L [TD] terminals