ActIn Time AT80DA Time and Date Document Stamp

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The AT80DA includes:

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This item: ActIn Time AT80DA Time and Date Document Stamp
£190.00 excl. VAT
£190.00 excl. VAT
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The ActIn Time brand name is fast becoming a brand to rely on. With high precision and reliable time stamps, make this the most affordable and advanced device of its class.

The ActIn Time AT80DA time and date document stamp has been designed to print preset or custom date, time & numbering formats onto a multitude of documents and carbonated sets.

Simple Plug & Play

3 line printing

Left / Right hand printing

Auto BST/GMT Time Change

12 / 24 Hour Format

Perpetual Calendar

Anti-tamper Proof

Backup Battery



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Upgrade Options

Upgrade to a PC Linked Employee Time Management System

Did you know?

A PC Linked Time & Attendance Systems start from as little as £595.00 + VAT. Why not talk to one of our sales representatives today on 020 8882 4522 to arrange a demonstration.

Alternatively, you can check out the ActIn Time section for more information.


This time stamp offers more convenient and versatile features than ever with various print formats and numbering, and a large window for positioning the document or material to be printed. The AT80DA can be applied to every business situation you want to record time, date and/or numbering or replace old and heavy manually operated time / date stamps:

The AT80DA performs important functions such as: time recording for imprinting documents with time / date / comment time stamping for imprinting documents with date and time in 29 selectable formats large character printing for OCR reader applications numbering documents sequentially customisable comments imprinting up to 3 lines Typical applications are documentation of Start or End times in workshops, car repair and in simple Job costing, order or project control but also for arrival / departure applications for persons or vehicles (simple parking meter).

In banking or insurance applications the printing of deposit slips or new contracts or orders with the exact date and time of order and execution plus the possibility to document time, date, affiliate number, fixed numbers, counts, etc. even with multiple copies thanks to the reliable dot matrix impact technology. The 9 needle dot matrix print head with its long life printing ribbon is not sensitive against heat, cold, humidity or other harsh environments.

For the automatic numbering several formats can be chosen and up to 8 digits can be selected including starting number, number of repeats before increment or decrement, as well as number of repeats before reset or other number reset conditions can be programmed.

As with all standard ActIn Time units, the AT80DA comes with a built-in Ni-Cd battery back-up pack for continuous use when there is interruption with the power or need to temporarily relocate the machine to another position.

Yes, you can have up to three separate lines of printing done in one stamp. You can decide whether to use left or right hand margin printing based on preference. You also have 29 preset printing formats by default, however, you can always add manual modifications and custom comments to further adapt the machine to your needs and environment.

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