25 Slot Card Rack (Weekly)

£29.95 excl. VAT

Expandable slot card rack that allows you to store up to 25 weekly clocking cards



By default, this expandable 25 slot card rack allows you to store your weekly clocking cards making it possible for anyone to easily manage their cards without the risk of loss or misplacement.

Due to the nature of these racks, they are highly popular when purchased in pairs. Once marked up as “In” or “Out”, this makes for a great way in dealing with Fire Roll Call management by easily and simply unhooking the “In” rack off the wall and taking it out to the designated assembly area.

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1 Rack – £29.95, 2 Racks – £25.00, 3 Racks – £23.00, 4 Racks – £21.00, 5 Racks – £20.00