AT100F-2 Fingerprint & Proximity Calculating Time Recorder

£225.00£275.00 excl. VAT

This package includes:

1x AT100F-2 Fingerprint & Proximity Calculating Time Recorder
1x Paper Roll
1x Power Adaptor
10x Proximity Cards

For a simple, hassle free start with your AT100F-2, please select one of ‘Ready to Use’ set up options. Simply send us your employee names, departments and shift settings, we will then configure these on your AT100F-2 so when it arrives you can plug it in, sit back and let your employee’s start clocking.

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The well known ActIn Time range has been specifically designed and manufactured to a very high standard to withstand office and factory environments.

This model is a Fingerprint & Proximity calculating clocking in system, available for up to 200 employees.

Simple Plug & Play


Clockings per Day

12 / 24 Hour Format

Easily Customisable

Excel Exports

Pin Secured

USB Data Download

Backup Battery



Download the brochure for the AT100F-2

Upgrade Options

Upgrade to a PC Linked Employee Time Management System

Did you know?

A PC Linked Time & Attendance Systems start from as little as £595.00 + VAT. Why not talk to one of our sales representatives today on 020 8882 4522 to arrange a demonstration.

Alternatively, you can check out the ActIn Time section for more information.


You can have a maximum of 6 clocking’s per day, per employee to make the time clock card look correct.

There are 3 ways of getting the employee clocking information. One option is viewing the employees clocking information directly on the AT100F itself. Another option is using the ‘Report’ option which will print all clocking information via date range on to thermal paper. The last option is via a USB export which will download all attendance information, including abnormal clockings, in to an Excel ready format.

No, as this machine can be used with just the employees fingers there would just be the initial cost for the clock itself. If you decide to go down the route of using the proximity reader, then again, you only need to pay the upfront fees for any cards or fobs and then the cost for any new ones, as and when you have no more cards/fobs to give out to new employees, as these can be reused when employees leave.